IIFM Singapore Seminar a Resounding Success

Tuesday, 2nd June 2015, Singapore - The International Islamic Financial Markets (IIFM) held a specialized industry seminar to provide technical guidance on specific areas of Islamic finance on the pre-conference day of WIBC Asia Summit 2015. Around 100 participants from institutions active in Islamic finance in Singapore and the region attended the event hosted by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

The seminar proceedings were led by internationally renowned industry practitioners providing valuable insights into Sukuk, hedging/risk mitigation, liquidity management and on-exchange products. The seminar also provided better awareness and understanding of legal, operational and Shariah aspects of IIFM standard master agreements.

Mr. Ijlal Alvi, chief executive of IIFM called for increased uniformity and Shariah harmonization in the fast growing Islamic finance industry by taking an active role in IIFM initiatives to develop standardized financial contracts and product templates in the areas of Islamic capital & money market, corporate finance and trade finance.